Giovanni: the host

Getting lost to find oneself

Returning to the Land as a young man's refuge

Do what you love!” Always be confident, be grateful, take time for yourself, keep your needs simple, take care of your health and the environment you live in, stay connected with nature, be with friends, and make new ones! That’s what I tell myself…

As a child, I had a dream: to live in the countryside and lead a simple life! After studying philosophy and gaining some experience in woodworking and with horses, I embarked on a long journey. Upon my return, without any doubts and without having done it before, I immediately moved to the countryside and began learning how to cultivate the land.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank those people, simple individuals who, with their way of being, ideas, and activities, have become my teachers and inspirations… many and diverse, women and men, encountered here and there…

A shining humanity

Traveling among regions and rural people

Returning from abroad in search of inspiration on what to do and a place to settle down, I started traveling from Piedmont to Liguria, Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, meeting people and places. Small farmers, peasants, and breeders, farms, agricultural enterprises, communities, ecovillages. I was amazed by the ever-growing awareness that everything one needs to live can be obtained from the land, and that today’s society seemed to take it for granted. As I continued my exploration, I realized that in the countryside, there was a shining humanity made up of people who were essentially aware, sincere, and children who seemed happy, healthy, and responsible.

In August 2008, I discovered the Marche region, and I fell in love with it.

Sharing Beauty and Hospitality

Why I love providing hospitality

It was in 2016 that I began, almost by chance, to rent out the house and thus share the place with people from all over Italy and the world. It felt like I was traveling again! I was excited about sharing the natural beauty of the place with the people who came and reliving it every time through their enthusiastic comments… even about the energy I put into it. That’s how I started to be a host.

During my travels, I often stayed in lodges and guesthouses for short periods where I frequently experienced a refreshing sense of transition, fresh ideas, and different energies. At times, I would put myself in the shoes of the host who was there, at the center of their guests, in an exchange of energies and inspirations. The idea of being a host appealed to me, and so I brought it to life here! Often, the silent and discreet host paradoxically seemed to disappear in an environment that he had conceived, created, and offered. This exchange that inevitably occurs even without words fascinates me and fills my heart every time.