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Sow independence, harvest knowledge

Self-produce your own food

“I have always questioned the complexities of modern life: is life naturally complicated, or do we complicate it with our choices and actions?

Producing food for me is much more than just an activity; it’s a passion, a lifestyle choice. The farm represents my primal desire to personally produce the food I consume. Ever since I pursued this dream of independence, I have tried to live in harmony with the land, respecting it in the processes and fueling the curiosity to understand every aspect of food production. Natural agriculture out of passion, not for the label (although we have it: ORGANIC!)

Getting lost to find oneself

The journey of life

It all began with an unforgettable trip to Nepal in 2007. The classic journey in search of oneself: it worked! There, in a small mountain village at over 3000 meters, where the only means of transportation were mules and one’s own legs, I had the opportunity to experience pre-industrial farming life. This experience left a mark on me.

Traveling through bustling metropolises like New Delhi, Bangkok, Sydney, Beijing, and comparing them to rural realities in countries like Vietnam, Laos, and China, I understood what I wanted to do.

Earth Earth

Back to the past or unrestrained modernism?

Returning to Europe, I started visiting ecovillages and communities, trying to understand how people are rediscovering the value of the land. While some aspired to a complete return to the past and the rejection of new agricultural production methods, I saw a future in harmony with nature by adopting what is sustainable and innovative.

Paradise at home

Home, permaculture, and beauty

Since I’ve been here, in addition to taking care of soil fertility, every year I plant dozens and dozens of shrubs and trees, creating hedges and outlining areas so that the fields are surrounded by plants that with their roots hold the soil, provide shade to other plants and the ground, offer shelter, and (full of berries) food for animals and insects.

I’m trying to create not just a place of production but an ecosystem where each element has a role. I planted an orchard that hosts varieties of fruits not only for us to feed on. Since we’ve lived on this hill, we’ve seen an increase in birds, hedgehogs, butterflies, a variety of flowers, herbs, and plants.

Here, every walk resembles a walk in paradise, and economic return is not the only benefit I seek; I seek beauty and sustainability.