Holiday home

panorama dal giardino di casa della casa
From a lifelong dream, "Casa della Casa" is born

An oasis in the heart of the Marche region

Welcome! Discover the magic of “Casa della Casa” a place created for the pure pleasure of living it: far from trying to conform to common standards in an attempt to please the customer.

We are on a wonderful hill in an old farmhouse lovingly and carefully renovated, surrounded by centuries-old oaks, and the apartments overlook beauty from every side: fields, mountains, hills, forests, and olive groves. The panoramic view is truly breathtaking, and when you are here, you will say, “It’s even more beautiful than in the pictures”. We have arranged various outdoor spaces here to rest, stroll, play, create, engage in activities, and enjoy the landscape. If you feel drawn to what you’re reading, we are your ideal vacation home in nature in San Severino Marche.

Nestled in the heart of the Marche Region, all the nature you want just 5 km from the town. “Casa della Casa” is an oasis of tranquility, far from the noise. Here, time seems to slow down (as our guests tell us), simple, imaginative, alternative – you will be free to relax and recharge. The centuries-old oaks, aromatic herbs, and colorful flowers create a stimulating and relaxing environment, making “Casa della Casa” the perfect nature house in the Marche region. We look forward to welcoming you!

Experience the magic, feel at home

Authentic experience and modern comfort

Some guests have described “Casa della Casa” as a fairy tale house, while others liken it to a treehouse. I imagine this is partly due to the artisanal renovation that took place with so much enthusiasm in a human, fraternal, and joyful atmosphere, driven by a blend of imagination and respect for the existing, with the conviction of using only natural materials.

Every detail has been carefully tended to in order to preserve the unique character of the place and create beauty, magic, in a word, ‘home’. Wood, stone, terracotta, alternate and blend together. The walls are plastered with earth and straw… can you believe it? I have some stories to tell about it. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape or a family vacation, you’ll find comfortable and welcoming apartments, each with a spectacular view.

Each apartment is equipped with a fireplace or wood stove so you can enjoy the warmth of the fire during the cooler months. Fire is very nurturing!

appartamento casetta azzurra
prodotti dell'orto di casa della casa
Deep connection with nature

More than just a holiday home

Casa della Casa is not just an holiday home, it’s also a natural farm. The project started in 2011 exclusively as a ‘back to the land’ initiative and then expanded to include hospitality. Here, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to connect with the land, to discover how plants grow and how the fields are cultivated. You can also taste the fresh produce from the garden as available, pick fruit from the orchard trees, and savor fresh eggs from the chickens.

Located in San Severino Marche, in the heart of the Marche region, ‘Casa della Casa’ is the ideal starting point to explore the region, which is FANTASTIC and full of NATURE. Mountain or seaside trips, discovering natural reserves or caves, or simply strolling through fields and woods right here outside the house… you will always find something interesting to do and see.

“Casa della Casa” awaits you here! In Italy! Among the gentle hills of San Severino Marche! to make you experience an unforgettable stay in your natural home in the Marche region! Vacation, travel, smart working, welcome!